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A salon that provides for creators of various disciplines to interact, inspire, and create new cultures. An inclusive space for people of all identities, races, and ages to enjoy.

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Young Inspiration 

We deliver your dedication, and your youthful and adventurous energy.


We create relationships between people, the past v. the future, and art v. popular culture.

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We constantly challenge and explore.

insadong kote

In the alleyway of Insa-dong’s Fila store, you will find an unexpected urban garden. Opened during the COVID-19 outbreak, the haute couture-like space, KOTE, radiates a uniqueness that has caught the attention of artists of various disciplines.

The space is a fusion of retro styles and the modern city (the space is 35587 sq ft. in total, and occupies 16370 sq ft. of land). At its center is a garden where a hundred-year-old Paulownia tree stands. The spirit of the garden and tree unites the surrounding gallery, live performance hall, concept store, library ("Book of Soul", “Book and Press”, “Book Market”), café, restaurant, and lecture hall. All throughout the space, various artworks, props and products created by artists are on display. The coexisting nature and a retro aura enhances the space as an individual form itself.

KOTE encourages freedom. It is a place for a diversity of individuals who are driven by unique ideas and theories. KOTE Café, which overlooks the Paulownia tree, serves as the perfect place for individuals to share their ideas. On the third floor of KOTE’s main building is a rooftop garden with must-see panoramic views of historic sites such as a Seungdong Church, a center for student meetings during the March 1 Independence Movement and home of philosopher and writer Yulgok Yi I.

“KOTE” combines the English Romanization of 꽃, the Korean word for flower, and “court”, which symbolizes the court in which the flowers on the Paulownia tree bloom. Every other Saturday evening, KOTE hosts conversations where artists and creators share their insights. The all-inclusive talks feature guests such as film directors, designers, photographers, and artists.

Resembling the auras of Insa-dong and Ikseon-dong, the multidisciplinary cultural space, KOTE, is a harmony of retro and modern styles. When you step into the space, which is built in a 56-year-old-building, you will be taken back in time. Spending time at "Book of Soul" (a library where literature and music coexists), eating, drinking tea, shopping, and enjoying a drink on a cool summer night at the garden by the Paulownia tree, will be reminiscent of an old village.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to see celebrities or famous artists filming at KOTE or make foreign friends. Seoul’s one and only typography workshop, “Book and Press” is another attraction.

KOTE Insadong gil 7, Jongno-gu, Seoul

02) 2138-8351 | julyvillage@gmail.com



Paulownia Tree

At the intersection of the nostalgic Pi Mat Gol tavern village and Seungdong Church, the center of student meetings during the March 1 Independence Movement, stands a Paulownia tree.

KOTE Insa-dong is a renovated space in a 7117 sq ft. traditional building. A 100-year-old Paulownia tree stands at the center of the space, with a garden and paths built around it.

Traditional Korean instruments such as Geomungo and Gayageum are made from Paulownia trees. Legend said the phoenix built its nest on a Paulownia tree, consequently, the tree symbolizes music, peace and fortune.

“Even when the Paulownia tree is a thousand years old, it will preserve its tune / Even if the plum blossom spends its eternity in the cold, it will not throw away its fragrance / Even if the moon faints a thousand years, it will not lose its shape / Even if a bud tree is bent a hundred times, new branches will grow”

Shin Heum, Joseon poet