KOTE is a multi-cultural space for boundary-breaking creators

our Vision

We want to provide a place for creators of various disciplines to interact, inspire, and create new cultures. An inclusive space for people of all identities, races, and ages to enjoy.

our mission

Young Inspiration 

We share your dedication, and your youthful and adventurous energy.


We create relationships between people across time and culture.

Infinite Exploration

We are constantly challenging and exploring ourselves.

KOTE is a cultural space for boundary-crossing creators, named after the courtyard where the oak tree flowers bloom on Insa-dong-gil 7. Built as a furniture craft store in 1964, this space has been the birthplace of countless stories and memories. After renewal works that started in 2017, KOTE reopened  as a place of culture and art on March 1st, 2020, in commemoration of Korea's Independence Movement Day, aiming to be an open space that provides peace of mind.