A coworking space for creators. 

KOTE Lab is a shared coworking space provided by KOTE where creators can move away from the feeling of a stuffy office and interact with a diverse range of artists. KOTE Lab, which plays a central role at the heart of KOTE, brings together people from various fields to collaborate and grow together. Taking "messages of boundaries and connections" as its keyword, KOTE Lab aims to build a sustainable community for the future. 

Creative work beyond boundaries.
Based on their expertise, we call creators who transcend various fields "Pathfinders." KOTE Lab aims to be a co-creative makerspace for Pathfinders.  

  • KOTE Lab can be used as a creative space
  • When renting KOTE space, there are benefits available (to be discussed separately) 
  • Joseon Salon coffe 30% discount
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Inquiry: 02) 737-7977 | artspacekote@gmail.com